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Probably should call this post “backsliding” but, in keeping with the theme of the blog…..
My plan to get in shape was to do situps on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – every 1 1/2 hours (along with bike riding); and pushups on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This was working quite nicely as long as I was out of work. But I started a temp job two weeks ago (less time), the weather turned colder (less bike riding), and I caught a cold for a few days. So I’ve been backsliding for the last few weeks on my fitness regime.

Today is turkey day and the bird is about ready, so I jumped on the bike for a spin around the lake. Wow, two weeks “off” really hurt. Even though there wasn’t much traffic around the lake my time was sloooow. Oh well, I’m still ahead of where I was a few months ago. So, today the challenge will be to do those pushups with a tummy full of turkey in a few hours!


Plotting the course

I’ve researched the MR340 about as much as I can, the ground crew has been recruited, the lists of equipment have been compiled, and the blog is working. The next steps will be to start accumulating the kayak, the trailer, and all the other “stuff” I’ll need for this trip, and building the number of subscribers to this blog. So you probably won’t see many updates to this for a while. I’ll busy myself with the important tasks of looking for a full time job and getting myself in shape physically. 248 days to go and still much to do but nothing will happen unless I’m working and in shape. The course has been set to St. Charles, MO, and now it’s time to execute.

So, if you’ve subscribed to this blog I’ll ask you just to wish me luck and continue to send encouraging thoughts.

Thanks in advance,


The uniform


The WRN t-shirt, official uniform for officers and crew of the navy has designed and the prototype ordered. I think this looks pretty good!

Captain Ned

Ned, why are you doing this?

Good question, and one I’ve asked myself. I guess the answer goes back four or five years. At the time I was out of work, pretty down, and focusing everything I had on finding a new job. My wonderful wife “volunteered” me to go with a church group down to Haiti for a week to see what could be done to help those folks. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t take a week off from my job hunt. In her wisdom she explained that doing this was exactly what I needed. So, I took a leap of faith and “got out of myself” to do something radically different. And it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

So, now I’m out of work again. I don’t need to go to Haiti. I’ve been there and seen what it’s like. I don’t need to be convinced of the need to help. I’m taking a different leap of faith this time. I’m setting my sights on somehow getting a kayak, a trailer, and all the other small and large things I’ll need for this adventure. I’ll need to get myself in shape physically and, of course, find a job. I won’t be able to do this without a perm job that provides insurance.

It is a leap of faith. I believe that somehow, with the help of my friends, this can be done. I’m sure there will be many problems to overcome but, I have faith that it’s all possible.

So, that’s the real reason for all this nonsense. Now, time to have some fun and build a navy!

Keep paddling – I hear bluegrass music ahead

The first order of business is to set up a ground crew. Actually, the first thing is to try and get my old body in shape again! But, I’ve already been doing that for the last couple of months.
I called my old friends Tim and Mike and asked if they’d want to volunteer for this. Now, these two guys are interested in, among other things, beer and bluegrass music. Their first reaction was, “Wait, you mean we throw you in the Missouri River in Kansas City, drive downriver a hundred miles, and sit around playing music and drinking beer until you show up? We’re in!” I explained to them that they’d be the people following me down the river, meeting me at regular intervals, and waiting for me after I’ve been on the river for sixteen or eighteen hours a day. They’ll re-stock the boat with food and water, make sure I’m healthy, set up the tent for the night, and cook all the meals. In the morning they’ll be up before me to cook breakfast and GENTLY wake me up when it’s ready.
Well, they are friends because they still agreed to do it. Of course we had to have a name for our “team” so we’re calling ourselves the “White Rock Navy” after the lake near me.


Ned has a crazy idea!

I’m an middle aged guy who’s somewhat out of shape, I haven’t been in a canoe in thirty years, and I’m out of work. Seems like a good time to enter the longest flat-water race in the world! My brother-in-law and nephew did it last summer and they’ve inspired me. So, I’ve started preparations to enter the MR340. There’s a LOT to do between now and next summer but I’ve already started with those things I can do. I’ve mentioned this crazy idea to a couple of friends and one of them suggested I set up a blog. So, here it is.

So, what’s the MR340? On the right side of the page there are links to a couple of short videos. Take a look to see how crazy I really am.

Now, I can’t do this alone so I’ll need your help. What can you do? Just subscribe to this blog and watch my progress between now and the last week of July 2010. I can use the encouragement!