Keep paddling – I hear bluegrass music ahead

The first order of business is to set up a ground crew. Actually, the first thing is to try and get my old body in shape again! But, I’ve already been doing that for the last couple of months.
I called my old friends Tim and Mike and asked if they’d want to volunteer for this. Now, these two guys are interested in, among other things, beer and bluegrass music. Their first reaction was, “Wait, you mean we throw you in the Missouri River in Kansas City, drive downriver a hundred miles, and sit around playing music and drinking beer until you show up? We’re in!” I explained to them that they’d be the people following me down the river, meeting me at regular intervals, and waiting for me after I’ve been on the river for sixteen or eighteen hours a day. They’ll re-stock the boat with food and water, make sure I’m healthy, set up the tent for the night, and cook all the meals. In the morning they’ll be up before me to cook breakfast and GENTLY wake me up when it’s ready.
Well, they are friends because they still agreed to do it. Of course we had to have a name for our “team” so we’re calling ourselves the “White Rock Navy” after the lake near me.



3 responses to “Keep paddling – I hear bluegrass music ahead

  1. Great ideia. I hope it delivers. Hey, maybe you can call this Deliverance…

  2. Hey Ned, sounds crazy and fun and I would love to be on the support team! Let me know when the race is – and what I can do. I went to MO in June last year and we camped and canoed on the Huzzah. That is a trickle compared to what you are going to do! I will be your camp chef, and of course drink beer.

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