Plotting the course

I’ve researched the MR340 about as much as I can, the ground crew has been recruited, the lists of equipment have been compiled, and the blog is working. The next steps will be to start accumulating the kayak, the trailer, and all the other “stuff” I’ll need for this trip, and building the number of subscribers to this blog. So you probably won’t see many updates to this for a while. I’ll busy myself with the important tasks of looking for a full time job and getting myself in shape physically. 248 days to go and still much to do but nothing will happen unless I’m working and in shape. The course has been set to St. Charles, MO, and now it’s time to execute.

So, if you’ve subscribed to this blog I’ll ask you just to wish me luck and continue to send encouraging thoughts.

Thanks in advance,



2 responses to “Plotting the course

  1. I love your spunk! I’ll pledge my 10 cents a mile.

  2. Wonderful! But, first, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog!

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