Probably should call this post “backsliding” but, in keeping with the theme of the blog…..
My plan to get in shape was to do situps on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – every 1 1/2 hours (along with bike riding); and pushups on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This was working quite nicely as long as I was out of work. But I started a temp job two weeks ago (less time), the weather turned colder (less bike riding), and I caught a cold for a few days. So I’ve been backsliding for the last few weeks on my fitness regime.

Today is turkey day and the bird is about ready, so I jumped on the bike for a spin around the lake. Wow, two weeks “off” really hurt. Even though there wasn’t much traffic around the lake my time was sloooow. Oh well, I’m still ahead of where I was a few months ago. So, today the challenge will be to do those pushups with a tummy full of turkey in a few hours!


4 responses to “Backpaddling

  1. I went to REI yesterday… They don’t have much in the way of Kayaks if you aren’t interested in on of those plastic jobs. What was the name of that website that had the free kayak giveaway?

  2. That’s But they give it away on the 3rd, I think. So you’d better get busy!

  3. Sounds like a great time! Go get em Ned!

  4. we’re behind ya neddybob….we’re werkon on some river songs….tim

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