And you think I’m a little nuts?

Looking at some of the MR340 races of years past there are a few teams that really stand out. To get a little flavor of this thing I thought I’d post something about these characters for your enjoyment….

A team to watch is Los Humungos Paddleos. Two crazies from somewhere in Illinois (where else) who showed up at the meeting the night before the race wearing luchero costumes. Yep, dressed like Mexican wrestlers. They didn’t wear the outfits during the race but they did wear them at the start and the finish.

And Team Coffee Dog is a couple of guys who seem not to take it very seriously but finished strong in 2009. Black Coffee and Uncle A Dog decided to build their 2009 boat out of recycled plastic barrels and used floor boards from a house. Yep, their boat is pretty much made out of trash. They also decided to run the race without a ground support crew. It can be done but it’s tough. Instead they carried everything they’d need in the boat with them. Eating and sleeping in the boat. Total cost was $35.00. They finished right up near the top with this strategy.

Another year they brought bicycles and, after the race, turned around and pulled their boat behind the bikes all the way back to Kansas City!

Finally, there was the crew that paddled a “Lewis & Clark” canoe down the river. Not sure how these guys finished but that thing looks HEAVY!

227 days to go!


11 responses to “And you think I’m a little nuts?

  1. I love the blog! It’s very inspiring. I look forward to checking in!

  2. Ned, We’re proud just to know you. Good luck and God’s Speed. sharon is a lucky woman. In fact you are both lucky to have ech other. Peace and Blessings Jan Hinkebein

  3. Keep blogging and keep training. I like the tee shirts but you will need a hat if you are to be called “admiral”. In your spare time you can be thinking about that.
    Don’t let the Humongous Mexicans upstage you.. Donna

  4. way to go ned! you can do it! we are rooting for you here in st. louis. this family never quits. i’m always bragging about someone, its awesome. love, katie

  5. Ned,

    I like the way you cleverly titled the update “and you think I’m a little nuts”, like we actually have to ask THAT question…

    : )

    as we discussed at the concert, this sounds FUN…nutty, but fun!
    and, I think you should BUILD your own kayak…there are kits out there, you know….look forward to getting the updates.

    • I did some more checking and it looks like it would cost about as much to build as to buy. And I think I’ll have enough on my plate getting the old body in shape and looking for a job. Besides, I don’t have the garage space. On the other hand, this would make a great Dad and Son(s) project for you, Ben, Andy, and Joey. What do you think? Could be a merit badge project for the boy scouts, too.

  6. Go Ned—maybe I will get working on my “work-out” and get my kayak ready too!

    • Jean,

      Join the White Rock Navy! Registration for the MR340 starts at midnight, December 31. I’ll be looking for your name in the lists.

      Cap’n Ned

      • Ned,
        I need to give a lot of thought to joining the White Rock Navy! I see my son is cheering you on too—maybe he could join and bet he would get a lot further than I would! He is in excellent shape and works out several times a week!

  7. Hi Ned,

    It’s Jay in Wichita, Kansas (Jax Beach Jean’s son 🙂
    Go get’em! Look forward to following your journey.

  8. Hey, Cap’n Ned,

    Here’s the kayak:

    (Scroll to the pix at the bottom of the page.)

    I was serious about your using it to train and for the race, if you can’t acquire one of your own by then.

    So keep up those workouts!



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