Merry Christmas from the White Rock Navy

We just started this blog in early November and already have sixty people following our progress. 2009 was a tough year for a lot of people but all three of us are sure that 2010 will be great. So here’s wishing all of you a merry Christmas and a great new year.

Ned, Mike, and Tim
The Crew


3 responses to “Merry Christmas from the White Rock Navy

  1. Captain, Oh my Captain!
    You’re looking mighty spiffy! Don’t eat too many cookies so you’ll not be ready for the great launch.

  2. The call of the Missouri River is too strong to withstand. Welcome to the maddness that is the MR340.

  3. Hey Captain Ned – how is the training going? I am starting to think that I should paddle for at least a few days, and will have to plan my trip accordingly.
    We should have a planning meeting in Texas – get Mikey and Tim to come down.
    I am going to Mexico in 5 weeks to do a cooking/kayaking adventure. Look up Living Adventures and check out their winter trips in the Yucatan – that’s where I will be! Can’t wait to get out of the cold.

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