Free advice

There are some interesting people in my neighborhood, like the guy at White Rock Lake offering free advice. A few weeks ago, while riding my bike around that lake, I ran into him for the first time.

He’s been doing this for years now, on weekends, out there with his sign, dispensing free advice to anyone who’ll stop. So, I took a few minutes to tell him about my plans. I explained what the MR340 was all about and told him that Sharon’s only requirement is that I get a full time job, with insurance, before buying the boat and setting the plans in concrete. Of course I asked for his advice.

He thought about it for a good long time. He stared off into space. He pursed his lips and furrowed his brow. And he gave me some of his sage wisdom:

Free Advice!

“Get a job with insurance and do it.”

Well, I guess you get what you pay for, but at least he agrees with me! So, I continue looking for full-time employment, and I keep up the situps, pushups, and weight training. The bicycle has been in the garage for a while now – too cold – but the weather will warm up again soon and I’ll be back on the trail. A friend as offered to let me use her kayak for training and when the temps get higher still I’ll trade the bicycle for the boat. Things are moving along. 198 days to go.



9 responses to “Free advice

  1. Ned,
    What do you do for a profession?

  2. Ned. Smart guy with the advice. But. Then. Job. Time. River. Paddle. How do these things, uh, uhm…coordinate…

    • Good question! First, the job (with health insurance), then the boat, then the race. But I can work out until then. Started off only being able to do 3 pushups and now I’m up to 26 every hour. That last 26 at the end of the day is a killer but I’m doing it. Losing weight, getting faster on the bicycle. Good thing I don’t have any kids at home any more – lots of time to do all this!

  3. Love the advice guy. Our daughter, Christin, walks on that path. I’ll ask her if she has ever gotten any of that free advice.

  4. Good luck It sounds like you have a good plan the advice was good (and free). Look forward to more info.

  5. Sounds like good advice to me even if you did give it to yourself.

  6. Go Ned! You are still in my positive thoughts and know that all is well and this will happen.

  7. I like the Advice guy.. That’s pretty good. Looks like it is moving along in the right direction. Keep up the the momentum,.

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