Anchors Aweigh – the WRN sails to a new port

The whole idea of the Missouri River 340 has been contingent on me getting a real job, with real insurance. So, behind the scenes of trying to get in shape, build readership for the blog, and put together lists and lists of things we’ll need to buy and accumulate for the race, I’ve been working hard at finding employment. Its been part of this leap of faith I’ve talked about. Well, as of Friday that part of the voyage has finally come to an end. I’ve been offered a new job in Shreveport, Louisiana, working for Centerpoint Energy. We hadn’t planned on a move, will miss our friends in Dallas, and aren’t looking forward to all to all the other changes, but that’s part of the leap of faith.

So, the next few weeks will be busy with all the logistics associated with starting a new job, making the move, looking for a new place to live, selling the house, finding a good church family, and on and on and on. But I will keep the preparing for the race in July.

Thanks to all my friends who have had faith in me. Thanks to all of you who have helped me to have faith in myself. And, thanks in advance to everyone for all the help I’ll need between now and the end of July. My blogging will start anew now that there’s something to blog about.

And what will I be blogging about? I plan to make the decision on a boat in the next few weeks and get that ordered. Then I’ll be working out on the Red River in Shreveport. I’ll also start hitting up the businesses down there for team sponsorship money. If that boat looks like something from NASCAR it’s fine with me. Heck, everyone knows the more advertising you have on a vehicle the faster it goes. And finally (you knew this was coming) start thinking about race sponsorships. I’ll be doing this for a good cause so, if you’re a gambling person, take a gamble on me. Ten cents a mile only totals $34.00 if I make it all the way down the river.

Next stop – Shreveport.
Cap’n Ned


9 responses to “Anchors Aweigh – the WRN sails to a new port

  1. So happy for you, Ned, that this is coming together. This is a lesson in faith for me too as I watch from the sidelines! Count me in for race sponsorship.

  2. HEY, Congratulations. I’ve talked with Sharon about all the wonderful things happening. also scary , as you say a leap of faith, New can be refreshing and bring growth..
    Can I have a Sunshine on this boat if I am a sponsor. I think it needs a bright smiling Sun on it.
    Blessings with all the changes you are making. Love ya….. Carol

  3. Congratulations on the job!

    I’m in for $100.00 whether you make it all the way or not, but I’m betting you do.

  4. Anne Cunningham

    Ned, congratulations! I’m very happy that things are starting to go in the right direction. Put me down for $100 for your race, also!

  5. congratulations ned! we are excited for what lies ahead for you and sharon.

    it looks like you’ll be settling into shreveport just in time for the mudbug madness cajun festival. be sure to check that out. if you’re living/working anywhere near downtown i don’t think you’ll be able to miss it.

  6. Hi Ned,

    Congrats to you! Very excited for you guys. Look forward to your updates.

    Jay in Kansas 🙂

  7. I’m sooooooooooooooooo proud of your effort. What a task ahead! You have prepared and now you’re ready. I will pray for a safe trip.

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