The Port of Shreve

We spent the weekend in Shreveport lining up an apartment for me and looking around what will be our new home town. Nice little city with some really friendly people. I guess I will have to get used to the language there, though. From now on if you want to cheer me on you can’t shout “Go Ned” – instead you’ll need to scream “Geaux Ned” – it’s a Cajun thing, I guess.

One of those kind folks has offered to let me keep the boat at his place. He lives on a bayou about a mile off Cross Lake. So, I’ll be able to swing by there, throw the boat in the water, and be out training without having to trailer the kayak around town. And he tells me there aren’t TOO many alligators in the bayou! So, next Monday I’ll be at the new job and in the new apartment. The boat is on order and should be delivered in Shreveport some time around the 10th. Then the training can really begin.

90 days until the Mr340 and 102 subscribers to the blog.

Two of the Haitian Pilgrims just got back from a short fact finding visit to Boileau and report that Port au Prince looks much like what we’ve seen on the TV reports. Piles of rubble and tent cities. But people continue to go about their business – trying to attend to their daily needs. In Boileau the first impression is that not much has changed. But, after talking to the people there it’s become apparent that the flooding (it’s the start of the rainy season in Haiti) and the influx of refugees from Port au Prince have strained their resources. Once again, though, people do what must be done to try and eke out a living. The Haitian Pilgrims have set up getting several containers of emergency food for Boileau. If they haven’t yet been delivered they’re on the way. So, the crisis is still on-going but, thanks to the Haitian Pilgrims, the people of Boileau have been spared much of the fallout. The Pilgrims are meeting next weekend, so I hope to have more details in my next post.



8 responses to “The Port of Shreve

  1. Charlie Patchen

    geaux “waterboy”…you can deaux it!

    how about that new logo, btw….??

  2. They used to spell our name Sneaux, It always thought that was funny.. I will love to visit. It will bring back memories. Congrates on the job. and hope moving goes smoothly.

  3. new apartment. new job. new boat. sounds like you’re 25 again. just remember, you’re not! be careful! have fun and we’ll be praying for your safety as you paddle down alligator infested waters. love,

    • You’re only as old as you feel. All this is keeping me going and making me feel younger. I’ll let you know how that’s going after my first full day in the boat over in Shreveport, though. I bet I’ll be having second thoughts! Seriously, though, I really do appreciate everyone who has subscribed to this and takes the time to enter a post on the blog.


  4. Yeaux, deude. Glad things are sailing (sorry) along. You can practice on the Meramec if you like anytime. I’ll be on it this summer to coach all manner of passerby. Later, gator.


    • Hah! I need bigger water than the Meramec. I’ll try to be on the might Red River – getting ready for the Muddy MO. But, thanks for the invitation. I’d stop at your place any time.

  5. Paraquet man – I tink you’ll be attracting all creatures above and below the water. Best of luck on this daring and amazing adventure.

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