Paddling with the Krewe of Atlas

The latest numbers are:

$1,750.00 in pledeges. At this rate I’ll be paddling for $5.15 per mile. Thanks so much to the latest contributors: my in-laws, Patty, Jim, and Ed for stepping up to the challenge like this.
43 days before I put the boat in the water in Kansas City.
112 subscribers to the blog.
Miles this week? I wanted to keep a log of my mileage for the week, as recorded on my GPS, but the batteries died. Best estimate is that I paddled 30 miles. I had hoped to do better but the weather’s been bad and I’m not a big fan of being out on a lake in the lightening. Next week (I hope) will be more productive.

Yesterday the weather did cooperate for a change, and after my morning run (about five hours) I joined the other boats on Cross Lake for the Shreveport Floatilla. One of the Mardi Gras Krewes has THEIR parade in the summer, on the lake, instead of the normal time. So there I was with the Krewe of Atlas. A few highlights of the event…

I started the day early and paddled to the other end of the lake. Paddling back down the middle of the lake a lot of the boats passed me. But, when I finally arrived they were all waiting and cheering my arrival – especially the Baywatch girls in that middle picture. Hey, you weren’t there. You don’t know. I say they were cheering for me! The BP boat, on the right, got a lot of laughter and some boos. I wonder why people in Lousiana aren’t fond of British Petroleum? And the crew of Cajun Wildlife was working hard to have a wild life when I stopped by to talk with them.

Last fall when I got this all going I thought it would be great to find corporate sponsors who’d kick in to help print White Rock Navy t-shirts for all of you (YOU’RE the Navy, after all). I figured it would be another way to spread the word about the work the Haitian Pilgrims are doing, and provide the sponsors some advertising. That’s the one part of my plan that hasn’t worked out so well. But, if any of you have contacts at a company that would be willing to kick in $500.00 they’ll get their name or message on the back of the shirts, on the boat, and on the blog. Spread the word and let’s see if we get any takers.

What’s going on in Haiti? As far as I know it’s about the same as my last post. The scale of the problem there is so big that nothing changes quickly. So, instead of the latest news how about some old info? Did you know that Haiti was the first country to send troops to the US when we fought the British? Yep, there were black Haitians fighting with the Americans for our liberty. Haiti is the only country ever where there was a successful slave revolution when the slaves beat the French. When that happened, though, the US went along with France in imposing a six million dollar penalty against the new country and refusing to recognize it. That was the start of a long tough road that they’re still travelling. But, as bad as the recent destruction of the earthquake is there’s hope that things will turn around for them. Good people are helping every day through their prayers.

Next weekend I’ll be in Dallas but (weather permitting) I’ll be out on “Lac de la Croix” every evening this week. Still haven’t seen any gators out there and – I AM keeping my hands in the boat. But at some point I’ll need to practice my rolls and flip the long boat over. The middle of the Missouri won’t be the place to learn how to get upright again. More on that part of the adventure next weekend.

Cap’n Ned


2 responses to “Paddling with the Krewe of Atlas

  1. I never heard of an Eskimo roll. You’re one brave lad. Will Sharon be in a boat along side your kayak?

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