Rockin and (not really) rollin

Last week I thought it might be a good time to practice (actually – learn) to roll the boat. You know, the old eskimo roll. I’ve watched quite a few of these demonstrated on you-tube. Videos from the top, videos from under water, side videos, everything. And, hey, it doesn’t look so hard.

So, off to the American Legion Hall on the lake (I called them the VFW the other day by mistake – sorry guys). First step was to beach the boat and assure the guys fishing along the shore that, no matter what they saw, I WAS NOT DROWNING. I left my glasses, camera, cell phone on the shore and – back out on the lake.

I leaned the boat over. I watched water pouring in the cockpit. I fell over completely. And – as per all the videos – I started sweeping the paddle at exactly the right angle. Nothing happened. I executed a wet exit (got out of the boat while under water) and climbed back in. Repeat procedure. Wet exit. Repeat procedure. Wet exit. This is definitely not what I had expected.

Although I have not expertly completed the eskimo roll I am happy to report that I am able to get back in the boat while on the water. Not the plan when I started but, if I manage to flip this thing while on the Missouri I think I can get back in it. And, of course, the quest for the roll will continue!

Meanwhile, as I flailed around out at the end of the dock, one of my veteran buddies took it upon himself to grab the camera and snap the picture below. Me coming to the surface and retrieving the boat for another attempt.

37 days to go before the race.
$1,801.00 in pledges for Haiti (special thanks to the folks at the Brickhouse Deli for their contribution!)
The paddling continues!



3 responses to “Rockin and (not really) rollin

  1. Do you wear a spray skirt? I can’t tell by these pics. If you didn’t fill up with water, do you think it would help you in the roll? Keep on rockin’ and rollin’

    • I’m not wearing a skirt – too hot for this race. I’ll have to learn to do rolls with the cockpit full of water! But, there is a guy in the race who does it wearing a kilt.

  2. I enjoy reading your updates Ned. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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