Back to Haiti

The last few posts have been about the preparations for the race. And I think I’m pretty well set. So I thought I’d take this one to talk about what it’s doing for the Haitian Pilgrims and their work in Haiti.

I’ve been asking for prayers for me, the Pilgrims, and our friends in Haiti and there’s no way to put a value on those. At the same time many of you have challenged me by pledging some cash per mile. It will be a great incentive for me to keep paddling in a few weeks. So, where are we and what’s it mean?

Well, the total is $2,367.00. That’s $6.96 a mile. I’m told that I can expect to dip my paddle in the water about 180,000 times before the race is over. That’s $.0237 per paddle stroke. The race, for me, will be much like the Haitian Pilgrims’ efforts in Haiti. They knew they couldn’t change the fourth poorest country in the world but they believed they could make a difference in one small village there. And over the years, with help from people like you, they have.

So, what are these pledges buying? Just like a lot of paddle strokes it all adds up.

  • $10.00 buys school supplies (pencils, paper, etc.) for one kid for an entire year. Amazing what the cost of two Starbuck’s Caramel Frappuccinos will do.
  • $35.00 buys school books for that child. 
  • $35.00 buys a blood test at the clinic there.
  • $55.00 buys all the medical supplies at the clinic in Boileau for a day.
  • $100.00 buys lunch for 20 kids for a month. This may be the only meal they get. So, it’s important.
  • $20.00 buys medical care for five sick people in Boileau. Keep in mind that people die from diseases that have been wiped out here – and from very treatable illnesses – for lack of basic care.
  • $500.00 pays for a doctor for a month, at the clinic the Pilgrims built.

$4,500.00 puts in a well to provide clean water, something we take for granted, but the Pilgrims have already taken care of that. A lot of kids that never made it to school in the first place are now in class because they didn’t get sick from polluted river water. For a few dollars more they can receive the school supplies, books, and basic medical care that will allow them to finish at least a high school education. And that’s the key to getting Boileau on its feet. With your help and prayers it’s happening.

If you’ve pledged, thank  you. If you’re thinking about pledging, five cents a mile will feed a kid lunch at school for over three months – and time is getting short. Just send me an email, at, and let me know how many cents per mile and I’ll put your name on the list. But, if you can’t pledge anything I certainly understand. I’ve been in the same boat off and on for the last few years. Just say a few prayers for them, they’re praying for you, and it will do more good than you can know.

Oh, and by the way, the Haitian Pilgrims is a 501c3 non-profit charity. Every penny they get is spent doing great things for the people in Haiti. There is no overhead, no costs for advertising, no payroll to worry about. Everyone involved is a volunteer. Your contributions couldn’t go to a better place. And, it’s tax deductible.



22 days, 23 hours to go. Next week – the final preparations.


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