The good, the bad, and the fun (news that is)

First the good news. As I write this we’re up to $4,252.00 in pledges. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – thanks to all of you. Those who’ve pledged, everyone who’s taken the time to email their encouragement, the folks who’ve taken time to post a comment on the blog, and all of you who have said a prayer for this adventure.

Next the fun news. A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Channel 6 News, KTAL, here in Shreveport. A few days ago they aired the piece. Take a look at it at:

I think they did a great job of it – thanks to Jenna Zibton – the reporter who was interested enough to make it all happen! And they didn’t even have any shots of me falling over while I try to get in or out of the thing.

Now the bad news. It’s now 32 days, 13 hours until the race. Yes, you read that right. The organizers have notified everyone  that they’re postponing the event until August 24 because of flooding up and down the Missouri River. If you’re from that area you’ll know what that means. If you’ve never seen the Missouri or Mississippi at full flood you can’t imagine what 200,000 cubic feet of water per second looks like as it flows past. This is a big river during normal flows and right now it’s a monster.

I’m sure this was a difficult decision for them to make, given that many of the people who have trained so hard won’t be able to make this new date. But the river is just too unsafe right now. There has been more rain up-river and the Army Corps of Engineers is releasing water from the lakes in the Dakotas. So, several of the check-points will be under water, the racers would be landing their boats in the trees instead of on the sand bars, and a lot of debris is floating down the Missouri. 

Waiting another month when everything was ready is a bitter pill to swallow. I had everything packed, the boat was washed and waxed, my mind and body were ready to go. But, better safe than drowned, I guess.

So, it’s back to working out and getting ready for another few weeks. I’ve waited for this since last summer so I can wait just a little more. Meanwhile, if you’d help me spread the word by sending the link to this blog out to your friends I’d appreciate it. The more the merrier. Ask them to take a look and send me an email if I can include them in updates.

OK, time to get out on the lake.


6 responses to “The good, the bad, and the fun (news that is)

  1. So Sorry to hear about the race delay. I had all the 6 kids ready to get up Tuesday morning to go down and watch you float bye. They were going to make a big sign bring the air horns. Then have breakfest with Aunt Cathy after down at the city market. So when you do get to float you will just get me and Jaz because all the others will be in school by the next float date.
    See you then,
    Wendy (AKA- Wendy Sanford Asinger)

  2. Six kids? Wendy, you’re too young for six kids. Oh, wait, I haven’t seen you in about 30 years…. Well, all I can say is you’re a lot tougher than any of us nuts going down the river.

    But I’ll be looking for you in August. Just make lots of noise.

  3. Wendy (not the same as above)

    Hi.. it’s me, how many Wendys do you know? 🙂
    Just wanted to let you know that I tried for the first time ever to kayak , I went with my husband to the lake in Austin a couple of weeks ago and we had a lot of fun .. of course I was tired and can’t not imaging 300 miles of kayaking!!!
    Have a lot of fun.. i will share your blog in my facebook page.

  4. Things keep happening in our life (taking 3 yrs to find perm employment,selling our house etc,etc), that lead me to believe God is still is blessing us with opportunities to learn patience. So bring it on God we are ready to get it right. Sharon

  5. What a terrific news story. You did the Haitian Pilgrims proud! Hopefully the river will be a bit tamer in August. We want you safe.

    • I just heard that the river is three times higher than it has been for any of the previous four races. At one of the stops a guy on a training run was able to paddle OFF the river, and through the drive-through lane of a Dunkin Donuts to get a cup of coffee and a donut. Didn’t even need to get out of his boat. Not sure if I believe it but it does illustrate the point. I’ll just stay in Shreveport for a few weeks and be dry, I think.

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