Life’s an adventure

When they postponed the race I took a few days off and didn’t work out as much as I probably should have. But I’ve been back at it as hard as time allows. Last weekend I went back to Dallas and be with my wonderful wife but the weekend before I decided to get out on the lake and see how far I could really go. My calculations were that I’d need to paddle 50 miles on the lake (with no current) to equal 100 miles one the river, so that was my goal. Well, after 30 miles I was in agony. My arms and shoulders were fine but my back and rear end were just killing me. Try to sit for eight hours on a hard surface and you’ll see what I mean.

There I was struggling back home when I looked over across the cove and saw a guy sitting in a kayak at his dock. Now, kayaks aren’t common here in north Louisiana so I turned the boat around and headed over to meet this guy. We talked for a while and it turns out he’s crossed the country in a wheel chair! Wow, I thought 340 miles in a kayak was an adventure and this guy rolled himself from one coast to the other. Anyway, he had some great ideas for padding the kayak seat and, a few days later, I was at his place while he pulled out gell pads, foam pads, inflatable pads, and all sorts of other gear to make me more comfortable. I haven’t had a chance to go for fifty miles again but from the little experimenting I’ve  done the stuff he’s given me will really help.

Meanwhile, National Geographic has published their list of the 100 best US adventures, and the MR340 made the list. I knew this would be an adventure for me but I guess this makes it official. They published this list before the race was postponed, so the dates are wrong, but it’s a great article.

Life really is an adventure. Just about the time you think you’re finished something new comes along. More importantly, when you need help someone you didn’t expect appears from no where. Without Phil’s help I might have been able to finish the race – in a lot of pain. With his help I still might not finish, but my chances have increased dramatically. Thanks Phil.



3 responses to “Life’s an adventure

  1. Capn’ Ned I am so sorry I will not make it to the launch. I did my trip as planned and will not be able to make it back on the 24th. I stayed two days in K.C. with Wendy and then took 2 days to drive to St. Louis. Jake (one of Wendy’s boys) and I took the back roads – we crossed the Missouri River 6 times on Tuesday and 3 times on Wednesday. It took us 5 hours to get to Jeff City! We met some paddlers – quite a few did the race despite the postponment. The river was high and full – but they were not having any trouble with landings, but some with debree. Take care and most of all be safe! Good luck, Good Paddling, and I hope your muscles hold out until the end! Cathy

    • Cathy,

      Sorry we won’t see you in KC but I understand. Glad to hear you had a good trip across the state – I always like travelling on the backroads, too. The comments I heard from that group that did the race on the original date were that the river was really high and really fast. That’s what they wanted, but this is a group of paddlers with a ton more experience on the river than most, so they’re equipped to handle it. They also said, though, that the bugs were terrible. Truly a trip for hard-core only. From what I understand, most of that group will be back for the official race in a week. I guess they’ll be among the grop that I’ll see for a few minutes at the begining, and maybe at the end – if they hang around long enough!

  2. so glad you met a good friend like Phil. we are still praying and rooting for you in st. louis.

    my time in stockton with the kids was glorious. thank you so much for the cabin! the kids had a ball and will remember the time spent with their cousins forever.

    love you. get some good rest!
    ps. you looked great on tv.

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