Dispatches from the race

Here’s the tour….

  • 8:00 am Tuesday: Kaw Point, the start.
  • Lexington. Deadline 5:00 pm. Leg distance 50 miles, total distance 50 miles.
  • Waverly. Deadline 9:00 pm. Leg 23 miles, 73.
  • Miami. Deadline 11:00 am Wed. Leg 32 miles, total 105.
  • Glasgow. Deadline 6:00 pm Wed. Leg 36 miles, total 141.
  • Katfish Katies. Deadline noon Thur. Leg 46 miles, total 187
  • Noren (Jefferson City). Deadline 7:00 pm Thu. Leg 36 miles, total 223.
  • Hermann. Deadline 10:00 am Fri. Leg 46 miles. Total 269.
  • Klondike (Near Augusta ). Deadline 6:00 pm Fri. Leg 42 miles. Total 311.
  • St. Charles. Deadline Midnight Fri. Leg 27 miles. Total 338. I know, it’s ONLY 338 miles. But MR340 sounds better than MR338! Besides I’ll do at least two extra miles zig zaggin’ on the river.

Elisabeth will be updating this post as she gets phone calls from Sharon, the guys on the ground crew, and me.

Now, the dispatches:


9 responses to “Dispatches from the race

  1. Oh, I’m tearing up big time reading Elisabeth’s entry….we’re all so proud and inspired too by Ned. I’ll be anxiously looking for the updates. Vaya con Dios……Jan and Brian

  2. Hi Ned, this is Ann Maria, a friend of Sharons. Just want to say I am praying and hoping you and the whole team will reach your goal safe and sound.Keep up your spirit & in your mind the reasons you are doing this and your strength will keep itself up.Remember.. when the going gets tough the tough get going! God speed.

  3. Ned,

    Best of luck to you on the race. You are taking on something larger than I have ever imagined of doing. Keep the faith during your journey. Lookin forward to the update.


  4. Ned, I will send you energy and light throughout. Words cannot describe how much I admire your tenacity, diligence and perseverance. I’m one of many cheering from the sidelines!

  5. Ned, I am so sorry I could not make it to see you off! I had to work, :(.. Have fun and stay safe!

  6. We are praying for you Ned. Enjoy the weather!!!!

  7. Ned, I’m folloqing you qith great interest and many prayers. Hang in there, it is a great accomlishment…Jan Hinkebein

  8. GO NED GO!!!
    GO NED GO!!!
    GO NED GO!!!

  9. Ned, my candle is still burning and my prayers are with you all the way. You are very courageous doing this for our brothers and sisters in Christ.
    May our Lord Bless you in abundance!

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