Lexington Checkpoint

The White Rock Navy has made it to Lexington! Captain Ned made it past a 6 foot wide whirlpool, paddled into the Lexington checkpoint an hour ahead of schedule and has now gone more than 50 miles!

About an hour ago, I called my dad’s cell phone and left a voice mail with all of your messages of support. I didn’t expect him to answer. What I’m hoping is that he’ll check his voice mail during a break and all those wonderful comments you’ve left on the blog will remind him that he’s got a great group of people standing on the “virtual sidelines” shouting, “Go, Ned! Go!”

23 miles to Waverly!


10 responses to “Lexington Checkpoint

  1. good job Elisabeth! I’m feeling close enough to almost smell the river! All that training is really paying off for your dad.

  2. Marianne Burkemper

    Oh MY Gosh! This is so exciting – great job with the updates, Elisabeth! Wish we were “paddling for pie” again this year! : ) JUST KEEP PADDLING, NED!!

    • Thanks, Aunt Marianne! I was wondering, are the checkpoints pretty much the same as last year? Do you remember if there are any points in the race where it gets harder or easier?

  3. Great news! Thank you Elisabeth—rooting for you Ned!

  4. Bernice Binford

    Please tell Captain Ned that we are so proud of him that he is paddling away and making his deadlines.
    Tell him I am burning a candle for him each day of the race and praying that the Lord bless him, keep him safe and that he may complete the race.
    May God Bless Ned during this GREAT challenge!
    Berni Binford Parishiner at St. Philip Catholic Church
    Haitian Pilgrim in 2003 (when Ned went to Haiti also)

  5. Tell the Captain…

  6. WAY TO GO and keep up the good work. He is an inspiration to all of us sitting here at our desk dreaming of doing what he has done!

  7. Mike & Marsha Vanover

    Keep paddling Captain Ned. We are following Elizabeth’s post and cheering you on from our recliners! Wish we could have been there in person to follow your progress. What great spirit you have and such a wothwile cause.

  8. I’m so proud of my Papa! All I can think about today and tonight is that my dad is paddling like crazy. He’s pretty amazing…setting his sights on this Huge goal a year ago and seeing it through to the end (We hope!!!). I know he can do it. It’s going to affect many lives in Haiti in such a positive way. I don’t know what else to say except that I couldnt be more proud! Love you Dad!

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