Waverly Checkpoint

At 7:19 Captain Ned paddled into Waverly. That’s almost two hours earlier than the deadline! My mom said she doesn’t think he’s been eating enough but that he seems to be in good spirits. He took a 45 minute break in Waverly to eat dinner and rest up. He has 32 miles to go until he reaches Miami, the last check point of the day.

Let’s all hope and pray for clear skies and a big beautiful moon to light up the Missouri River!


5 responses to “Waverly Checkpoint

  1. Javi, Jessica and Noah

    You are doing awesome Ned, keep up the good work!!! We are so proud of you, this is so exciting, we are cheering for you from Coronado Avenue!!!!

  2. Hey! Full moon tonight! Paddle on Ned!!! Thanks for the updates!

  3. He’s pushing hard!! At 7 or 8 mph he won’t reach Miami till midnight!! (Good thing I’m not trying to navigate the Missouri River in the dark…I’d get lost …I didn’t even realize that Florida was located on the Missouri …)

    Go Ned!!

    Mike Frost

  4. The full moon is beautiful here tonight, I hope the sky is clear there and the paddling smooth. Keep it up Capn’ Ned!! Cathy

  5. It has been so fun to follow along down the river. Ned is doing wonderful.. It is a huge accomplishment.

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