Glasco Checkpoint

Update from Sharon:

Ned arrived in Glasco @ 1:20pm in fine spirits and ready to eat a good spinach salad. He took a 15 minute nap and then will head to Katfish Katie’s-about 46 miles down the river. After that he plans to take a shower and retire for the night. Carol, who is caught up in all the excitement, is staying another night!

Love to all from the White Rock Navy


6 responses to “Glasco Checkpoint

  1. GOd help the Navy!!!! Go Ned!!!

  2. Loving the updates and it sounds like all is going fantastic!! Keep it up and I hope you know that we’re all following your every paddle! Jan and Brian

  3. Well done, Ned. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. I am so touched to be part of this experience via the blog updates.

  4. You keep paddling and I will keep praying

    P.S. I started Kindergarden Monday!!!!

  5. Sounds to me like you and Carol and Janie are having a great time. I’m sure it’s easier for you to get from checkpoint to checkpoint than it is for the captain. Glad to hear that things are going so well donna

  6. marlene and laura

    we are with you in spirit…….anxiously await daily postings…….amazing journey for all of you…….much love….hope this gets thru…..have left 2 others but don’t see them anywhere

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