Message from the Captain

The following is a message my dad left on my voice mail this morning. I wish you all could listen to the message and hear his voice. He sounded very calm and happy. My heart is just bursting with pride today.

Hi everybody, Elisabeth tells me a lot of people are reading the blog and checking in on my progress, and I really appreciate that. I guess this is my first time to post something since the start of the race. And as Im sure you can imagine, Ive been kind of busy paddling. Yesterday was cloudy and windy, last night was just beautiful, and I paddled with a couple of other guys until one oclock in the morning and we got to miami and that was it for me. My ground crew was there with the tent set up. The only place they could find was on a gravel parking lot, so thats where I slept in the tent. I dont think Ive ever slept that well in YEARS. I crawled in the sleeping bag about 1:30 and I dont know what time I woke up this morning, but I was rested and refreshed and ready to go. The place was crowded with boats when we pulled in and when we got up this morning, pretty much everyone was gone already, but thats ok, Im ahead of the time table, probably at the back of the pack from everybody, but this isnt a race for me, its an adventure, so thats fine.

Thats about it, its gonna be a great sunny day here on the missouri river. My next stop is glasgow, and I guess thats about 30-35 miles from where I am, so thats probably 4-5 hours down the river. Everything is fine, Im healthy and fit, and not terribly sunburned. The boat is performing well and the river is rolling right along.

I saw some of the bouys here in the river yesterday and you can see them from up ahead, you can see these things bobbing around in the water. But, this morning I was paddling along and I looked up 30 ft to my right and just saw water moving and then about that time this big can came just popping up out of the water, so that was my first submarine attack, I guess. Anyway, Im doing well. Thanks everyone for all the messages youve been putting in there, and Ill check in again. Hope to make it to st charles by friday morning sometime. So, until later, thanks, bye.

(A big thanks to long time friend of the family, Matt Wilson, for transcribing this! When I asked him for help he said, “Anything for my Flottmans!” What a guy!)

5 responses to “Message from the Captain

  1. Javi, Jessica and Noah

    Keep up the great work Ned!!!

  2. Great to hear from you Ned and keep it up—proud of you for being out there!

  3. Hey Ned,
    First chance I have gotten to see your progress. Keep it between the banks and be safe. Mike Curtis

  4. You’re doing great Ned! Be safe and have fun. Can’t wait to hear all about the race when you finish.

  5. Your are doing great. They had all of you guys on the Jeff City news. Looked to see if I could see you but sad to say I couldn’t.

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