Miami Checkpoint

When I talked to my dad tonight he was just six miles away from the Miami checkpoint and he was tired but in good spirits. He said, “I just keep paddling and paddling…and paddling!”  That brings him to a total of 105 miles in one day! I’m sure he’s sleeping soundly tonight!

Goodnight everyone, see you tomorrow!


6 responses to “Miami Checkpoint

  1. I wish we were there to see him. Can’t wait to see all of the pictures. 105 miles…Dayyuum. Dad is going to look like popeye after this!

  2. Paddle Ned, Paddle!!
    Eat Ned, Eat!!

    god bless, and god speed…

    The Patchen Clan

  3. Awesome, Ned!! What an amazing adventure. Ride on. Our prayers are going with you.

  4. Bryan Burkemper

    I was looking out at the full moon and wondering how it would be to paddle down the Big Mo by moonlight. Right now we’re thinking about you and praying for your strength and safety. So far your golden. Keep it up and God’s speed! – Bryan B.

  5. that’s awesome! you’re about a third of the way there! the weather looks beautiful out there today. paddle on… 🙂

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