News from the ground crew…

Got an update from my mom (Sharon) this morning that said:

Ned looked great this morning. Landed in Miami at 12:50am and left at 8:30am. Slept well even though it was cold. He was laughing and joking as he left.

The second update came a few hours later…

While waiting patiently for Ned in Glasco, Sharon and Carol festively decorated the car… And then Carol stylishly groomed Janie, the dog. Oh-about Ned! He should be arriving at 12:30 to a delicious spinach salad prepared by Sharon.

Is it just me, or does the ground crew seem a little bored (and silly)? It’s great to hear that they’re having fun.

Coming up next: A message from Captain Ned! Sorry these posts are coming a little late today. It’s been busy here at the office.

Stay tuned!


2 responses to “News from the ground crew…

  1. A Spinach salad?? Now, I know Sharon makes an incredible salad, but I’m hoping there’s some major carbs and protein to go with it. Ned’s a muscle machine!

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