Over half way there!

Captain Ned arrived at Katfish Katie’s checkpoint at about 9:50pm. He was feeling cold and tired by the end of the night but looking forward to his first hot shower of the trip. He plans to wake up at 4am tomorrow and paddle to Jeff City. He hopes to make it there by 11am.

Thanks again for all of those wonderful comments. I’ll be calling my dad early tomorrow morning to pass along your messages.

180 miles down 160 to go!


6 responses to “Over half way there!

  1. Hang in there Cap’n Ned. We are following your progress and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Trust that beautiful full moon is guiding you on your way. Be safe – Mike and Marsha!

  2. More than half and ahead of the schedule!! Must not have spent much time vacationing in Miami.

    I might have to start giving more credence to Popeye if a spinach salad can keep body and soul paddling 340 miles.

    Way to go Ned!!


  3. You are Amazing Capn’ Ned! Thanks Elisabeth for the posts! Send pics if you can!

  4. I am in awe! What a privilege to watch this fabulous adventure unfold. You are amazing, Captain Ned.

    Thank you for being bold (and crazy) enough to grab this dream and live it!

    This is your day. Enjoy.


  5. Captain Ned you are an inspiration to the rest of us. What dedication this has taken and I am proud to say that I was around listening to your stories when this all began.

    Stay warm and keep on paddlin! Talk to you after the race.

    Elisabeth……thanks so much for keeping all of us informed with your Dad’s progress. Tell him I said HI the next time you talk to him.

  6. Ned, We are all so HAPPY about this amazing progress. This is so encouraging to all of us. Blessings to you and Sharon.

    Elisabeth, we really appreciate and look forward to the updates. Thank you so much. Marsha

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