Update from the Captain

Hi, everyone! The following is a voicemail my dad left for all of you…

Good Morning. This is an update from the White Rock Navy. It’s about 6 o’clock. I woke up at about 5:30 and the plan was to get up and get on the river but the river is totally foggy and you can’t see anything so We all stayed in our sleeping bags. That was I guess about half hour ago and I can’t get back to sleep because I’m too stiff and sore. So, I’m up walking around and stretching. Anyway, we’re at Katfish Katie’s and getting ready for the last full day and then hopefully a short day tomorrow. I’m not sure what time we’ll get out of here since, like I say, it’s pretty “pea soup foggy” every where you can’t see anything. But we’re all doing okay under the circumstances and stand by for updates as things progress I guess.

Some news from race central, a little tidbit, I found out on the first day one of the leaders pulled out of the race because he got hit in the head with a 40 pound flying carp. It jumped out of the river and hit him and he was okay but he decided that since he was kind of dizzy and wasn’t going to push through. Also, as I understand it the leaders of the race finished last night sometime. What else?… Ohh going to Lisbon, yesterday couple of women in front of us in a two person canoe went too close to the Lisbon bottom shoot and got sucked in, and tangled up in a big log jam. They were hanging on to the logs and one of the rescue boats managed to pull the out. The boat couldn’t be retrieved and is still jammed in there in the rushing waters. So, it’s probably lost but at least they’re okay and that’s good. So, that’s about it this morning and I guess the team will be giving you updates as the day goes along.

One more full day and I’ll be done with this. Thanks, everybody and I guess the next time you’ll hear from me is when I’ve finished the race! Thanks, again. Bye.

9 responses to “Update from the Captain

  1. You are doing a great job, Ned. All the good thoughts and prayers will give you that final push to the finish.
    Whoo Hoo!!!! Donna

  2. You’re well over half way to your goal and $5000 for Haiti. We’re all very proud of you! Jim might have liked to have seen/caught that flying carp!

  3. Flying Carp attack!! Sounds kind of like a Monty Python Skit! Keep on paddling – we’re pulling for you here in Wyo. Cathy

  4. You are amazing! When you make your mind up to do something, there’s no stopping you! Have really enjoyed reading all about your trip and can’t wait to see the post that you have completed the journey. We’re thinking of you…..

  5. Way to go, Ned – you are really accomplishing your goal. We have certainly enjoyed reading your blog all about your adventure. Can’t wait to see your post that you have reached the goal.

  6. I’ll bet you are sore! You’re such an inspiration. Keep on paddling!

  7. Captain Ned! My name is Laura, I’m one of Elisabeth’s co-workers and I’ve been hearing about the race for weeks. It’s been such an anticipation around the office for you to start! These past few days getting to watch the blog, see your progress and how well you’re doing- it’s been awesome. Godspeed getting to the finish line tomorrow, you’ll be there before you know it!

    Sending over good luck all the way from California!

  8. Dad, since you have started the race (and even before) I have been excited, proud, relieved, and awed all at the same time. I am so glad all your hard work paid off. Not only have you had the experience of a lifetime, there is no doubt you have improved the lives of countless Haitians. Living BOLDLY so that others my simply live, to paraphrase the Haitian pilgrim motto. Congratulations! Geaux Dad, Geaux!

  9. Javi, Jessica and Noah

    Paddle, Ned, paddle!!!! Keep up the great work and don’t stop until the finish……. We are so proud of you!!!!! What an amazing voyage for a noble cause!!!!

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