340 Miles!

Well, folks, he made it! At 6:20pm Captain Ned paddled right up to the shore and triumphantly raised his paddle in the air as friends and family cheered him on. It was a beautiful moment followed by lots of hugs, handshakes and high-fives. Afterward, we spend the evening enjoying bbq, cold beer and the company of some really wonderful people.

I”ll upload photos to the Flickr site as soon as I can and I’m sure my dad will have a few things to say as soon as he has a chance to log on. Just wanted to let you all know he made it. 340 miles for Haiti!


5 responses to “340 Miles!

  1. Way to go Captain Ned! Please let me know next time you are in Flo Mo! I am looking forward to shaking your hand and maybe getting an autograph. Ok, maybe not the autograph but I definately want to shake your hand!


  2. Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I read of your victory. You are invincible! You are man! YOU DID IT! Can’t wait for pictures.

  3. Aweswome!!! Ned, I am so proud to know you. Many prayers were coming your way to support you along the way. Congratulations. Wishing you much joy and a very, very well-deserved rest.

  4. Bryan & Cindy B.

    Finishing is everything and very satisfying I would imagine after all the hard work and sacrifice you did to make it happen. It was an UNBELIEVABLE FEAT!

    It proves you can do anything you set your mind to. We’re all happy for you and the Haitian Pilgrims –

    Congrats to Cap’n Ned!!!

  5. We knew you could do it, Capn’ Ned!! Big Cyberhug coming your way. What an adventure and accomplishment. Can’t wait to see the pictures.
    Hope the muscles recover soon! Cathy

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