Almost there!

Good morning from St. Peters, Missouri! Captain Ned made it safely to Hermann last night at around 10:40pm. Before making it to the checkpoint a barge passed him. He was supposed to stay to the right but was blocked by a wing dam and so he had to paddle through the barge wake. He said the 5 ft. waves were “kinda fun”.

This morning, after a somewhat restful night of sleeping 30 ft. from the train tracks (?), Ned got up at 5 and left at 5:30am. About 30 minutes later he got fogged in. Apparently, he later came across a boat that had been traveling next to him and decided to paddle through the fog but ended up going the wrong way on the river! Even if it means his average speed is a little lower today, we’re glad he decided to play it safe and wait out the fog.

For anyone who’s considering meeting him in St. Charles at the finish line, he should be arriving at around 6-7pm. For the rest of you, I’ll do my best to take lots of pictures and I’ll post them to the blog tonight.


8 responses to “Almost there!

  1. GO NED GO!!! Elisabeth we are soo excited here at work to see him finish his race.. Ned said before he left that this would be a good adventure for him, and it sure seems like it has been just that.. A grand adventure! I can’t wait to see the pictures later today. Tell Captain Ned that his crew at CenterPoint are chanting his name. And, we can’t wait to see him next week!
    Ned, Ned, Ned, Ned!!

  2. the calandros will be there at the finish line!
    should we bring anything with us? do you need anything?

  3. Way to go Ned, I’ve been following your trek and very excited for ya. See you are coming down the home stretch! Jay in Kansas

  4. Great job, Ned!! Amazing perseverance! The problems of navigating in fog… sounds like the wisdom of life experience served you well… better to wait until you can see.

    Mike Frost

  5. Going the wrong way on the river…..must have made for some very intense paddling! Ned….I think I could make an Aggie joke out of that.

    Glad you are safe and that barge didn’t run over you!

  6. Hi Ned,
    Just want to say that I will be there in spirit to welcome you with open arms and congratulate you for a job well done!
    My candle is still lite and I pray that the Lord will travel with you all the way home to the finish line.
    God is Good, and I thank Him for your talents and stamina to do this for Him and for our brothers and sisters in Haiti
    Great job, Captain!!!!!!!!!!. You are our Hero!!!!!

  7. Capn’ Ned – almost there! I hope your arms work at the end so you can receive all the hugs you are going to get! Cyber hug from me – you did an amazing thing. You mad us old folks look good!

  8. I’m cheering and praying.

    Sending you much love.

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