I’ve run aground – again

A few weeks ago I went out early and was in the boat paddling down the bayou toward the lake. It was 5:00 am and pretty spooky out there so early. Every forty or fifty feet I’d hear a big splash as a nutria jumped into the water. Didn’t see any gators but it was still a little unnerving. When I get to the end of the bayou, where it enters the lake, I paddled smartly out toward open water and – stopped about 100 feet into the lake. Ran aground in the mud. It’s been really dry in this part of the country and the lake level is down; really down if a kayak can’t get through. I backed up the boat and went a different direction and, stopped again. I tried this another tree times without success and finally decided to push ahead. At first I thought I’d get out of the boat and pull it but realized the mud below me was so soft I’d sink up to my neck. Couldn’t push with the paddle because it just sank into the gook. So, I had to reach out with it, stab it deep into the muck, and PULL! It took me about twenty minutes, and I was afraid I’d be stuck out there, waiting for sunlight and a boat to come by and help me. I finally did get through it all and in to open water where I had a great workout. That was with the boating. Unfortunately I ran aground with my life last week. The job I took in Shreveport is over and I’ll be looking for another position.  I won’t go into all the details here except to say it’s another example of a company that want’s change but won’t do what it takes to get there. I didn’t want to even write this post. It’s too depressing. But, most of you were with me when I was out of work the last time and started this thing so, here we go again. I’ll tell  you that at this point I’d like to turn the boat around, go back up the bayou, and get out. Can’t though. I guess I’ll just reach out and plant the paddle – and PULL. Say a little prayer for me, will you? They really helped last time and I’m counting on them again.

2 responses to “I’ve run aground – again

  1. Hi Ned, I know it’s tought out there, keep your chin up. You are very talented at what you do and I am sure you will land firmly on your feet. I will spread the word amongst everyone I know.

  2. Kathy Delamarter

    We are so very sorry to hear this news, Ned. It’s another example of us and God not being on the same page and us wondering why. You are a great guy with lots of things going for you so I know it will all work out. Be assured of our good thoughts, prayers and friendship.

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