Day One on the Bayou Teche!

Hello from Los Angeles! I apologize for the delayed update. I wasn’t receiving voicemails yesterday but I won’t bore you with those details- let’s get to the good stuff!

My dad and brother are doing well! They both paddled 50 miles yesterday. Christian finished in 10 hours and came in 24th place overall and is pumped and feeling good. Ned finished in 11 1/2 hours and didn’t know where he placed but he’s feeling great. He said the river is absolutely beautiful. At the end of the day, Ned and Christian were able to fill their bellies with tasty gumbo while listening to zydeco music and enjoying the festivities.

Today is going to be a tough day.  If all goes as planned, they’ll have completed 60 miles by the end of the day, putting their total at 110 miles!

I’ll be checking the blog throughout the day, so feel free to cheer them on in the comments section and I’ll relay your messages!


2 responses to “Day One on the Bayou Teche!

  1. Way to Goooo….. Paddle on… Sunshine and Smiles…. Love ya..Carol

  2. Yeah Ned and Christian! Hope the river is beautiful today and that any ‘gators and snakes you encounter are of the “scenic” variety and not the type that go “bump” in the water! Go Team Flottman Go!!!

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