Into the Wind

It’s 12:15 in Louisiana and as far as I know, Christian and Ned are still out on the bayou with a ways to go. It sounds like today was extraordinarily challenging with no tide and heavy winds from the South blowing hard against them. Christian hit the checkpoint at around 8pm and Ned paddled in at 10pm. It’s likely they’ll both be on the water until the wee hours of the morning; possibly until 3 or 4am.

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. They’re two of the strongest guys I know and I’m sure they’ll be fine but it’s a little scary to think of them both out there on the river, in the middle of the night after such an exhausting day! That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll have another update for you tomorrow morning.


2 responses to “Into the Wind

  1. After they finish today, tomorrow will see them at the end. Knowing that will keep them going. Best of luck.

  2. Talked to Ned this morning (Sun) @ 8:30A. He got in last night @ 5:30AM. He started back @ 7:00a. Even though the weather and river is beautiful the conditions – paddling against the current because of the tide and having a head wind are brutal. Not sure when Christian got in but he set out today @:7:30am. They have 25 miles to go and thought this would be an easier day but when I talked to him he was going backwards. Please send prayers and positive thoughts. Kristy Christians girlfriend and groundcrew has been a tremendous help.

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