Back home again alive….

Just got out of bed after some much needed sleep and wanted to wrap this up but I find my hands hurt too much to type a lot so this will be short. Christian made it through like a champ, and I just made it through. Came in dead last but I finished. This one was shorter than the race last year but a lot harder me.

The last two days are a blur because I got up at 5:30 Saturday and didn’t get to sleep until 1:00 am on Monday. Hallucinations can be interesting.

My good friend John drove back down from Shreveport to pick me up and Christin and Kristy were too tired to drive back last night so they’re driving back today. We’ll get the cars unpacked and, when my brain gets a little clearer I’ll post something about the whole experience.

Thanks to all for your support.



5 responses to “Back home again alive….

  1. Congrates again… Wow what an experience and accomplishment… Way to go….

  2. Congratulations on finishing TDT II. Good to see you coming through the finish line. Thanks for helping make TDT a success.
    Ray Pellerin

  3. Way to go, DAD! You’re amazing and I’m so impressed that you finished. Can’t wait to hear more about it but first, take some ibuprofen, find a hot tub and get some rest! Love you!

  4. Ned
    Congrats on the finish. It was great to see you again and spend time with you. You make a fine commodore for the navy. The Illinois Brigade was pulling for you all of the way. Sorry we did not get a chance to say adios after the race. Stay in touch and hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

  5. I meant to write earlier, but it’s wonderful to hear you finished! A great accomplishment — I really admire your gumption!

    — Anne (Cunningham — can’t remember my login!)

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