Monthly Archives: December 2011

Merry Christmas……

I haven’t blogged for a few months now and figured I’d take a few minutes to catch up and wish everyone a belated merry Christmas and a great 2012.

If you recall, we went through a period where I was living in Shreveport and Sharon was in Dallas trying to sell the house. Well, we’ve reversed that and I’m now in Dallas working a contract job while she’s in Shreveport. Unfortunately we never were able to sell the house so it’s rented and I’m just a pilgrim living in other rented quarters! At any rate, I’m busy with a short term job at General Electric and still looking for something permanent – if such a thing exists.

On the boating front, well, not much going on. Christian and my two paddling friends from Shreveport want to try the Tour du Teche again in 2012 and I hope my employment situation will allow me that luxury. We’ll just have to be faithful and see how it goes. I did receive a link to a video from one of the guys I met on the MR340 and saw again on the TdT that I thought you might get a kick out of. It’s about four races. The first is the Au Sable Marathon (two person canoes only), the Tour du Teche (if you look closely at about the 4 minute mark you’ll see me in the red and white shirt on the left of the picture, getting into my boat), the Texas Water Safari (too tough for MY old bones), and the MR340. Great video – gives you a real idea of what these are all about. And pay attention to the Tour du Teche segment. If I do get down to Cajun Country in 2012 I expect to see some of you along the banks of the bayou cheering me on!


PS: The shot of all the ‘gators sleeping on the bank was not shot in Louisiana. It’s actually from Florida – but it sure looks cool!