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White Rock Navy 2012 – Deja vu all over again

It’s deja vu all over again. When I decided to get into paddling in 2009 it was against all odds. I was out of work, didn’t have a boat, and needed to get in shape. I asked everyone for their prayers and they worked. I landed a job, moved to Shreveport, and completed two races. But, the job in Shreport turned out to be a dud so I became unemployed again and, frankly, let the old waistline grow a bit.

Now it’s 2012. I still have the boat but I’m back in Dallas and starting to get the old body back in shape. The wonderful news is that I’m employed at what I think will be a great job. Those prayers everyone sent up did the trick again. Special thanks to my nieces and nephews John Henry, Juliana, Hannah, and Sam for remembering me every day.

What’s the plan for kayaking in 2012? Honestly I’m not sure. I’d really like to complete another long distance race. Christian, Jim (my friend from St. Louis), and John (my paddling buddy from Shreveport) are planning on another Tour du Teche. I don’t know if I’ll be with them but I’m keeping it in mind as a goal; it’s something I need to keep myself motivated and doing those push-ups and sit-ups all the time. The immediate goal, though, is to find an apartment here in Dallas and get my bride moved back so we can be together. As soon as that’s done, and the weather warms a little, I’ll be back to let you know when and where the White Rock Navy will be racing for 2012.