I lost my hat…..

……..the other day, on the train coming home from work. Just left it on the seat next to me and got off at my stop. It was my MR340 hat. I was really proud of that hat. So, I guess I’ll have to enter the race again in 2013 to get a new one.

If you’re new to this blog a little background may be in order. In 2010 I took a chance and entered the longest non-stop canoe/kayak race in the world. And I finished! At the time, I told everyone that I wouldn’t be doing THAT again. But, it’s human nature to forget how hard something is and start thinking about what could be done differently the next time. Anyway, Sharon and I talked it over and we’ll both be back next July for another shot at it – along with our son, Christian,  who’s decided he wants see 340 miles of the Missouri River.

Of course, half the fun of it is writing this blog. In 2010 I used it as a platform to talk about conditions in Haiti, a cause near to my heart. Sharon felt the same concerns, but she couldn’t truly understand how I felt, having never been there.

None of us can truly understand how it is for someone else, until they’ve been close enough to understand that person’s situation. Her sojourn to Shreveport put her in touch with a problem she already knew existed, and now she’s dedicating herself to help. She believes the whole move to S-Port and back was divine providence. So, I’ll keep up the paddling and, this time around, the blog will be more about her passion.

I hope you’ll find my writings about preparation for the race to be interesting, thought provoking, and fun. I encourage you to join the discussion and post your thoughts on our thoughts.

Stay tuned as things shape up. We can’t wait for next July.



3 responses to “I lost my hat…..

  1. Hey, that sounds wonderful. Marianne asked me if I would think about being ground crew again, just in case they needed one next year. How fun would that be.

  2. Cant wait. This guy has such a big heart. He raised $5000 for Haiti specifically for our Church adopted city of Boileau. Now we are focusing on helping women in our own city. I am so proud of him to step out of his comfort zone to be a part of something really big. Captain Ned is back @ the wheel or paddle.

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