2013 – The Goal

Completing the 2010 MR340 was the hardest thing I had ever done. It was also one of the most rewarding. And the icing on the cake was raising pledges of $5,000 toward relief in Haiti. Still, I vowed that once was enough. It was all about doing the race, and finishing. I’d been there and done that. Sure enough, though, about a week later I started thinking about what I could have done differently to finish in less than 82 hours – and come in ahead of more than six other boats!

2013 will be different. I’m not content with simply finishing. My goal this time around is to shave seven hours off my previous time. That will be tough because the river will be slower, the weather hotter, and I’m a couple of years older. Sharon and I have also set an ambitious fund raising goal of $10,000 – double what was raised two years ago. Getting to 75 hours will be my job, and I’ll be working out like crazy this time. Raising ten thousand to help women in crisis pregnancies is something I’ll need your help with. What can you do?

  • First is to help spread the word. For that, I’ll need you to register for updates to this blog and/or “like” our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/WhiteRockNavy. These two will keep you on top of what we’re doing. Then I need you to pass the word along to as many people as possible. This won’t happen without a lot of people reading the blog and the Facebook page.
  • If you like what you see, consider making a donation. The link to a secure site is on the main part of this blog and on the Facebook page.
  • If you own a business, think about a company sponsorship. Your company will be recognized with a link on the blog and the company name on our official White Rock Navy team shirts. A big donation gets you all that AND the chance to plaster your company name on the boat.
  • We also understand that it’s a tough economy out there. So, if you’d like to donate products we can use them as prizes in some events we’re working on.
  • And speaking of shirts, the plan is to offer shirts, ball caps, and other White Rock Navy gear. All profits will go to BirthChoice of Dallas, to help train sonogram nurses.
  • Perhaps the most important thing you can do, though, is to say some regular prayers for this whole effort. I don’t believe my first attempt would have been successful without a lot of great people keeping me in their thoughts and prayers as I looked for a job, kept up my training, and navigated down the mighty Missouri River. I know I’ll need them even more this time around.

That’s it – for now. We’re planning lots more in the coming months. Sign up for the blog to stay informed. And, one last thing, feel free to chime in by entering your comments to my posts. It’s a lot easier to keep plugging away when I know there are good people like you out there offering their encouragement.

Ned – for the White Rock Navy


One response to “2013 – The Goal

  1. It is a tough race. I was following a paddler last year in his first go at the MR340. Hot, long and hard. Goo Luck!

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