Welcome to 2013

Most people stay up until midnight on December 31st to have a glass of bubbly and ring in the new year. Registration for the MR340 opens at midnight, so guess what I was doing.

It’s official. I’m entered. Now the planning starts and the workouts begin in earnest. The great news is that the teams are pretty well set up. For the 2013 MR340 it will be:

  • The White Rock Navy Captains: I’ll pilot WRN I (my 17 1/2 foot sea kayak) and Christian will be in his 20′ racing canoe, the WRN II.
  • Chief Communications Officer: Elisabeth has talked about flying in from California to see the race from the banks but, at least for now the plan is for her to handle communications. We’ll all keep her updated and she’ll post the news here on the blog.
  • The Seabees: I thought we’d call the ground crews marines but Tim says he doesn’t want to be a jar-head. Seabees they are, then. The Commanders will be Sharon and her sister, Katie Calandro for my effort. Sharon’s a  veteran of this stuff and Katie’s a first timer who’ll be great at it. Commanders Tim Murray and Glenn Horton are assigned to Christian’s boat. Tim’s the other veteran and I’m glad he’ll be along to take care of my son on this long race. Glenn, of course, will be there to take care of Tim.
  • The Shore Patrol: My sister Liz Kory and her friend Mary Adams will be along to pick up the pieces. They’re not assigned to either boat but will be prowling the checkpoints to see where they can help and/or where the most interesting things are happening.
  • Last but not least is Ensign Ben. We’re not sure what our grandson will be doing but…. we’ll think of some way he can contribute as we get ready. He’s one of my inspirations for this thing.

That’s it. Now we’ll spend the cold winter days trying to get back in shape, making lists of thing we’ll need, poring over maps, and thinking about what everyone will be responsible for when the gun goes off in KC and the race starts.

203 days till the gun goes off at Kaw Point.



2 responses to “Welcome to 2013

  1. Your crew sounds pretty darn fun!!

  2. I think they’ll have a good time. It’s a shame Christian and I will miss it. While they’re enjoying themselves we’ll be out on the water. Hmmm, what’s wrong with this picture?


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