The snares of the devil

Sharon has been working on the next post and was not satisfied with it. She has been praying to find the right words to say it eloquently. Then along came this blog posting and she said this was exactly the truth she was trying to convey, only by someone who has experienced it first hand. We urge you to read all of this with an open mind and heart.


400 Words for Women

sirene2I was an atheist when I had my abortions but I immediately knew that I had entered Satan’s territory as death entered my body and I was not prepared for spiritual warfare. I made this “drowning mermaid” picture after my second abortion. I was writing and painting frenetically to escape my suicidal thoughts. I’m writing this essay with the pro-life believer in mind but I’m proof that non-believers can experience Satan through abortion too. It’s been a couple of years since my conversion and today I would like to explore in what ways abortion is satanic because thank God, I’m not afraid anymore. I believe that what is hidden needs to be exposed in order to be healed.

The ruler of this world

As they say, abortion has become “the law of the land”. People accept it because it is legal or because the pro-life position is not considered as pro-women…

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