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2011 Race Schedule

First things first – I’m NOT stranded in London. If you’ve received an e-mail from me asking for money to be sent to England you should know that my g-mail accounts (both of them) were hijacked! I’m trying to get things sorted out without a lot of success. At least at this point google has disabled both accounts but I’m still unable to log in. I hope at least a few of you are checking this blog.

Second. A lot of you pledged for me on the MR340 – the tune of over $5,000.00. But, as of today we’ve only received about half that amount. So, if you’ve forgotten to send in your pledge here’s a gentle reminder. Just make that check out to:
Haitian Pilgrims
844 Lochmoor
Highland Village, TX 75077

Now, on to the 2011 White Rock Navy race schedule.

I won’t be repeating the MR340. Six months training, taking a week off work, and all the rest of the preparation for that is too much for me and too much to ask of my family and friends. Besides, there are other races around!

Instead I’m thinking about one called the Tour du Teche. Southern Louisiana, 130 miles down the Bayou Teche. They just ran the first race a few weeks ago and word is that it was a blast. It was set to run from Friday at 8:00 am through Sunday evening. The cajuns down there had parties set up for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights all along the race route. Unfortunately they ran out of race before they ran out of party. The winners finished early Saturday morning and the last of the pack came in Saturday evening.

So….. they’ve changed the rules. It’s now a stage race. Everyone will start off at 8:00 on Friday morning and race about 1/3 of the way (the first stage). Then they all stop at the same place (for the party). Saturday morning they all start off again for another 1/3….. and stop for another party on Saturday night. Then everyone finishes up on Sunday at, of course, another party! Ya gotta love those folks in southern Louisiana.

No current in this race, the water’s fairly still and quiet. And there are stretches where the paddlers are pushing through water hyacinths. I really doubt any of them will be in much shape for the parties but the spectators should have fun.

Unless I decide to pop in to a short race you won’t hear from me until next year. Keep the first weekend in October in mind if you’re interested in visiting Louisiana. It should be a lot of fun and I’d love to see a few of you down here.