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FINALLY, on White Rock Lake!

Wow, over a year now since the Navy was born. When I first had this idea we were living in Dallas, near White Rock Lake. What better name than White Rock Navy? Who’d have thought I’d take a job in Shreveport and have my kayak delivered there? Then with all the work involved in getting ready for the MR340, the new job, and getting the house ready to list I didn’t have a chance to get the boat back to where it all began.

But, this last weekend I drove “home” to Dallas with the boat and, on Sunday, got it out on the Rock! I had a chance to meet up with Emily and Emily who are getting ready for the MR340 and live nearby for some quality time in the boats out on the lake. Also along for the day were Stephen and his lovely wife Stacie. The Ems are going to the MR340 in a kayak and Stephen will be there in an outrigger. My son, Christian, came over with his new racing canoe (a 22 foot solo boat, if you can imagine), and a few other local racers. Unfortunately, it was WINDY and we couldn’t get out on the lake. Well, Stephen and Stacie got out there in their outriggers (cheaters) but the rest of us were forced to stay in the creek that feeds the lake.

One of the reporters from the Lakewood Advocate Magazine came by to interview them all so, if any of you see the article in the next few months please grab a few extra copies for me.

Here are some pics off Emily’s website…

Check out THEIR blogs at Today’s Letters and Hui Ho’ola to see some other perspectives on the big race up in MO. Like a lot of people who do these crazy things, they’re doing it for a good causes. Send them a couple of bucks if you have some to spare and, if not, leave them a note on the blog. We can all use the encouragement.

Here are a few more pics lifted from Emily’s blog….